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YouTube ... Quora ...Google search ...Google News ...Bing News has introduced a new conversational search engine designed to provide information through a Chatbot-style interface and large language model (LLM) similar to how OpenAI’s ChatGPT works. The difference is that Perplexity uses current information, including footnotes with links to the sources of the data Perplexity AI Challenges ChatGPT and Google With New Conversational Search Engine | Eric Hal Schwartz

One of the standout features of Perplexity Ask is the inclusion of citations for the search results. This is a valuable tool for verifying the accuracy of the information provided and helps to ensure that users are not misled by incorrect or misleading information. Perplexity Ask: A Game-Changing Search Tool Powered by AI | Alexandros Pappas - Medium

When a user inputs a question, the model scours the internet to give an answer. And what’s great about this tool, is its ability to display the source of the information it provides. ... Perplexity AI is a new chat tool that has similar capabilities to a search engine. What is Perplexity AI and what are its uses? | Funmi Looi Somoye - PC Guide

... search interface that uses OpenAI (GPT-3) and Microsoft Bing to directly answer any question you ask.

Revolutionize Your Learning with the NEW AI Search Engine: Easier Searching and Discovery
Google is a powerful search engine that uses sophisticated algorithms to offer users the most relevant information, while AI search engine uses artificial intelligence to provide users with personalized search results. In today's video we compare Perplexity AI search engine to Google search engine.

Perplexity - AI Chat based Conversational Search Engine
Perplexity AI is an answer engine that delivers accurate answers to complex questions using large language models. Try it -

2 Free AI Search Engines (Ahead of Google Bard!)
2 AI Search Engine Tools that are arguably better than Google & Google Bard, yet are only a couple months old (p.s It's not Bing). Welcome to @Comparing AI where we explore AI together.

I Discovered An A.I. Tool That Is More Powerful Than ChatGPT..
Peter Pru - Ecommerce Empire Builders