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  • One of the most popular approaches to AI negotiation is based on Game Theory. This involves modeling negotiations as strategic interactions between two or more agents, and using mathematical models to determine optimal negotiation strategies. These models can be used to develop negotiation algorithms that can help agents reach mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Another approach to AI negotiation involves using machine learning techniques to analyze large datasets of negotiation data, and to identify patterns and trends that can be used to improve negotiation outcomes. This approach can be particularly useful in complex negotiations where there are many variables and factors to consider.
  • In addition to these approaches, there is also ongoing research into natural language processing and other techniques that can help to improve the ability of AI systems to understand and respond to human communication in negotiation settings.


“An agent that can play at the level of humans in a game as strategically complex as Diplomacy is a true breakthrough for cooperative AI.” - Yann LeCun

Cicero couples a dialogue module with a strategic reasoning engine. Each turn, CICERO models the other players’ policies based on the game state and shared dialogue. It forms a plan, and the dialogue module generates messages conditional on the plan. Diplomacy is a game whose main element is negotiation. For this reason, in order for AI to play Diplomacy and win, ``talk with other players without discomfort and call for cooperation, ``interpret strategies from other players' negotiations, ``see other players' lies and It is necessary to perform difficult processing for existing AI, such as 'laying a lie to the player of'. In order to solve these problems, Meta uses both 'strategic reasoning' used in the strongest Go AI 'AlphaGo' and 'natural language processing' used in sentence generation AI 'GPT-3'. Meta develops AI ` Cicero ' that manipulates ` lies ' to deceive humans and bites into the top 10% of the friendship destruction game ` Diplomacy ' | Maxime Bonzi - Gigazine

Meta's new AI can beat human players at Diplomacy | Matt Cox - Rock Paper Shotgun ... It never "intentionally" lies

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