Lifelong Learning

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In recent years, researchers have developed deep neural networks that can perform a variety of tasks, including visual recognition and natural language processing (NLP) tasks. Although many of these models achieved remarkable results, they typically only perform well on one particular task due to what is referred to as "catastrophic forgetting." Essentially, catastrophic forgetting means that when a model that was initially trained on task A is later trained on task B, its performance on task A will significantly decline. A new approach to overcome multi-model forgetting in deep neural networks and A generative memory approach to enable lifelong reinforcement learning | Ingrid Fadelli




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In the quest to build AI that goes beyond today's single-purpose machines, scientists are developing new tools to help AI remember the right things — and forget the rest. Saving AI from catastrophic forgetting | Kaveh Waddell - Axios

Watching AI Slowly Forget a Human Face Is Incredibly Creepy