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The Wall - Deep Learning

Deep neural nets are huge and bulky inefficient creatures that allow you to effectively solve a learning problem by getting huge amounts of data and a super computer. They currently trade efficiency for brute force almost every time.

Towards Theoretical Understanding of Deep Learning | Sanjeev Arora

  • Non Convex Optimization: How can we understand the highly non-convex loss function associated with deep neural networks? Why does stochastic gradient descent even converge?
  • Overparametrization and Generalization: In classical statistical theory, generalization depends on the number of parameters but not in deep learning. Why? Can we find another good measure of generalization?
  • Role of Depth: How does depth help a neural network to converge? What is the link between depth and generalization?
  • Generative Models: Why do Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) work so well? What theoretical properties could we use to stabilize them or avoid mode collapse?

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