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TensorFlow Lite lets you run TensorFlow machine learning (ML) models in your Android apps. The TensorFlow Lite system provides prebuilt and customizable execution environments for running models on Android quickly and efficiently, including options for hardware acceleration. This runtime allows you to run machine learning (ML) models without statically bundling. TensorFlow Lite libraries into your app. Lite in Google Play services is already used by Google teams, including ML Kit, serving over a billion monthly active users and running more than 100 billion daily inferences. TensorFlow Lite is an inference runtime optimized for mobile devices, and now that it's part of Google Play services, it helps you deliver better ML experiences because it:

  • Reduces your app size by up to 5 MB compared to statically bundling TensorFlow Lite with your app
  • Uses the same API as available when bundling TF Lite into your app
  • Receives regular performance updates in the background so it’s always getting better automatically

Get started by learning how to add TensorFlow Lite in Google Play Services to your Android app.