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Sakana takes its name from the Japanese word for fish, and the company's approach to AI is inspired by the way that fish and other animals work together in groups. Ha and Jones believe that traditional AI approaches, which focus on building ever-larger and more complex models, are not sustainable. These models require a lot of data and computing power to train, and they can be difficult to interpret and control. Sakana's approach is to build smaller, simpler AI models that work together in a coordinated way. This approach could potentially lead to AI that is more efficient, scalable, and reliable. Sakana is still in its early stages, but the company has already raised $10 million in funding. The company's first product is an AI system that can control a swarm of drones. This system could be used for a variety of applications, such as search and rescue, disaster relief, and precision agriculture. Ha and Jones are not the only ones who believe that AI needs to change. A growing number of researchers are calling for a more decentralized approach to AI. They argue that this approach is more likely to lead to safe and beneficial AI systems. Sakana is one of the first companies to put this approach into practice, and it will be interesting to see how the company's work unfolds.

Here are some of the benefits of Sakana's approach to AI:

  • It is more efficient. Smaller, simpler models require less data and computing power to train.
  • It is more scalable. Sakana's approach can be easily scaled up to handle more complex tasks.
  • It is more reliable. Smaller, simpler models are less likely to fail.
  • It is more interpretable. Sakana's models are easier to understand and control.

We are creating a new kind of foundation model based on nature-inspired intelligence.

Sakana is pursuing a strikingly different model for AI: one of biomimicry, specifically looking to the collective intelligence in systems found in nature such as schools of fish and beehives, to design AI models that are flexible, reactive and economically efficient. At Sakana AI, Jones’ vision is to capitalize on this technology to craft a trail-blazing generative AI model proficient in generating text, images, code and multimedia content. Sakana AI distinguishes itself with a novel approach that involves developing numerous smaller AI models that collaborate, much like a swarm, to deliver complex results. This methodology challenges the dominant trend of constructing extensive AI systems. Sakana AI is confident that its swarm-based approach, inspired by collective intelligence, can provide results on par with larger systems while being more economical and flexible. - What you need to know about Sakana AI, the new startup from a Transformer paper coauthor | Bryson Masse - VentureBeat

“Ants move around and dynamically form a bridge by themselves, which might not be the strongest bridge, but they can do it right away and adapt to the environments,” Ha told Bloomberg in an interview. “I think this sort of adaptation is one of the very powerful concepts that we see in natural algorithms.” - Two Tech Luminaries Quit Their Jobs to Build AI Inspired by Fish and Bees | Rachel Metz & Julia Love - Bloomberg

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