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The platform provides a jump start to data scientists and AI developers to build their models, utilize the models from the community, and code right on the platform. Amazon Sagemaker provides you with a scalable cloud computing platform to build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly. 7 Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for Machine Learning and AI Developers | Abhishek Kothari - GeekFlare

Major benefits of using Amazon Sagemaker are:

  • Readily available pre-built algorithms for use
  • Gives you a jump start with primary installations and setup did for you
  • Allows you to scale up quickly and train models faster
  • Provides popular Jupyter Notebook like interface to perform all relevant operations on a single platform
  • Provides an auto-pilot functionality to auto train your models
  • A massive repository of high quality pre-trained data for training your models faster
  • Straightforward collaboration with fellow data scientists by sharing the web platform

Getting Started

  • SageMaker Studio Lab | Amazon; a free offering to assist developers master machine learning techniques and experimenting with the technology. Users get everything they need to start with Studio Lab, including a JupyterLab IDE, model training on CPUs and GPUs, and 15 GB of persistent storage.
  • Deep Learning Team | Jovon Weathers