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I taught an AI to make pasta
Have you ever seen a meme generated by a neural network? Or have you ever been curious about how machine learning works? In this video, Sabrina teaches a machine to generate new pasta recipes and call on a friend to make it a reality. In this video, you’ll learn a bit about machine learning, recurrent neural networks, long short term memory, transformers, and how - even with a cutting edge model - artificial intelligence can be pretty dumb.

I Followed an AI-Generated Recipe
The main takeaway from this video is that my voiceover skills are comparable to Andrew Rea's. :) Become a Patron!

Cooking with Chef Watson, IBM's Artificial-Intelligence App
'Chef Watson' is part of IBM’s mission to develop cognitive computing applications that can help people discover new ideas, from creating surprising new recipes to improving medical research. The Jakarta Post has a chance to talk with Gunawan Susanto, CEO of IBM Indonesia, about Cognitive computing applications like Chef Watson, that could process information more like a human than a computer. These applications can analyze huge amounts of data, using natural language processing technology to help decipher what the words and sentences contained within the data mean. (The Jakarta Post / Bayu Widhiatmoko)

Artificial Intelligence Chef: How Does a Computer Learn to Cook?
The midterm exam tasted awful, but the final exam had everyone calling for a second helping. Professor Dan Ventura's class created an artificial intelligence program that generates some surprisingly good crockpot recipes. Watch two teams of dietetics students and Liz Edmunds (The Food Nanny) put the recipes to the test.

Pic2Recipe / Recipe1M+

MIT's AI System "Pic2Recipe" Predicts recipes from photos | QPT
MIT Researchers have developed deep-learning algorithm that can compile a list of ingredients and even recommend recipes after looking at photos of food. Their AI system named Pic2Recipe predicts a dish's recipe from just a photo. Pic2Recipe reads through over one million recipes. Then used a neural network to find patterns and connections between images and recipes. And, get more details about Pic2Recipe at

Artificial Intelligence Can Identify Ingredients In Food Photos
Can you guess the recipe for these cookies? Artificial intelligence can. Researchers at MIT created an AI system called Pic2Recipe that predicts ingredients and recipes based on photos of food. The team built a database of over 1 million recipes and trained a neural network to find patterns between images of food and their ingredients. The AI system recognizes desserts particularly well but struggles with sushi and smoothies. The system could help determine nutritional information, and hopefully, one day can even explain how food is prepared.

Turn Your Food Pictures Into Recipes With Artificial Intelligence
A new app designed by MIT researchers will be able to turn your food pictures into recipes. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.