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As a publisher, you are under increasing pressure to produce engaging content. Audience engagement is an always moving target, and there is more competition for attention every day. You cannot consistently engage your audience purely on intuition or guesswork. So, they turn to technology to help them understand their audience, and ultimately, the content that drives, and will drive, the most engagement. If a publisher can gain that valuable insight, they can generate engagement on-demand, and increase their readership. Analytics for Publishers: The Ultimate Guide to Content Analytics | NativeAI

Model Publishing

TensorFlow Hub: Making model discovery easy (TF Dev Summit '20)
TF Hub is the main repository for ML models. This talk looks into all the new features and how you can use Hub in your model discovery journey. Sandeep Gupta - Product Manager Resources: TensorFlow Hub → GitHub → Neural style transfer → Text classification with TensorFlow Hub → Watch all TensorFlow Dev Summit 2020 sessions → Subscribe to the TensorFlow YouTube channel →

Tech Talks 2019: Building Applications with the Neural Net Repository
Tuseeta Banerjee discusses BERT, GPT2, and curated neural net models using the Wolfram Neural Network Framework in Version 12 of the Wolfram Language.

AWS CodeCommit | Concept | Demo:- Create, Clone, Commit, Push into Repository Using Git commands
Video will help us to understand the concept of Amazon AWS CodeCommit and how we can configure the repo along with performing different type of version control operations using Git commands.

Neural Networks in the Wolfram Language
In this first webinar of the three-part Machine Learning webinar series, learn how to use the built-in neural net framework and build a net model from scratch, as well as how to work with a ready-to-use model from the Neural Net Repository.