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Generative AI can be used in several ways to make podcasts more successful:

  1. Content creation: create new podcast content. For example, it can be used to generate new stories, script ideas, or interview questions based on the show's existing content and audience preferences.
  2. Summarizing / transcriptions
  3. Editing and production: edit and produce podcast episodes more efficiently. For example, it can automatically remove unwanted background noise or generate transcripts of the episode, making it easier for hosts to create show notes or captions.
  4. Advertising: create targeted advertisements that are more relevant to the listener's interests. By analyzing a listener's listening history, it can generate advertisements that are more likely to be clicked on or engage the listener.

Producing Your Podcast

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The latest Nielsen stats show that half of all U.S. households consider themselves to be fans of at least one podcast, with 22% of these people identifying as “avid fans.”How to Start a Podcast: 7 Things These Experts Say You’ll Need | Tim Chan - RollingStone ...Three popular podcast hosts tell us how they started their podcasts, the equipment they use, and tips for keeping your audience entertained

Producing Your Podcast with Descript
Beneath its shiny exterior, Descript is a fully powered podcast-production engine. In this webinar, Harmony and Kevin walk you through everything you need to create a podcast you can be proud of, including pro tips on Descript's creative and AI effects.

What does it take to make a Podcast? - Also tips on video recording for small business too
Tune in to learn some tools and tips on podcasting as well resources that you need to get started. Martin Brossman, Success Coach/Trainer/Speaker, of https://www.martinbrossmanandassociat... who is joined by Nataliia Berezhna, Podcast Producer/Video-Maker, https://www.linkedin.com/in/naberezhna/

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Martin Brossman's Podcast Success Coaching with Martin Brossman

Charles Register, Professional Photographer, and Videographer https://www.charlesregister.com/

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