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Palantir offers AI services, providing a Secure Data Foundation that allows organizations to build a solid foundation of sufficient, quality data, and then bring that data into daily operations.

Palantir’s ontology translates complex data interactions into human-readable concepts, allowing models to reflect how an organization views the world around a common semantic layer.

Palantir has pioneered an entirely new approach to enterprise modeling called Micro Models. Rather than building one all-encompassing model, Micro Models let you address discrete parts of a large problem — and then combine them to create an overall solution. Palantir offers a new way to manage models by attaching each model to a specific organizational objective. Objectives ensure that business logic is tied to specific business KPIs and deployed for a consistent purpose across use cases. Palantir revolutionizes how organizations build and deploy AI/ML by combining the enterprise data foundation with end-to-end AI/ML deployment infrastructure. Data scientists and engineers can customize, deploy, assess, and compare across homegrown, open-source, and third-party algorithms.