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Kaggle Learn bills itself as "Faster Data Science Education," a free repository of micro-courses covering an array of "[p]ractical data skills you can apply immediately."

Dan Becker (Kaggle Learn's team lead): We're unique in a couple ways. First, we focus more on practical applications instead of academic theory. When I was in data science consulting, I worked on projects solving business problems for dozens of companies. It's striking how conventional courses focus on so many skills that don't matter in practice, while missing many of the things that matter most. For example, students might learn to code an algorithm from scratch (which no one will ever need you to do again), but you won't learn how to manipulate data to get it into mainstream libraries that implement the algorithm. [https://www.kdnuggets.com/2019/08/kaggle-learn-faster-data-science-education.html Is Kaggle Learn a “Faster Data Science Education?” | Matthew Mayo - KDnuggets