Game-Based Learning (GBL)

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Artificial intelligence and immersive technologies are powerful tools for educational games development. New constructors without programming skills existence open perspectives for the creation of new curriculums for game-based and project-based learning. Game based learning with artificial intelligence and immersive technologies: an overview | Yulia Yu. Dyulicheva and Anastasia O. Glazieva

Serious Game Development with AI 2021 Final Presentations
Our students combine modern methods in machine learning and game-like modeling to quantitatively analyze socially relevant technology and policy questions. This year’s application is the tactical routing for self-driving ambulances. They used an analysis framework in Python to study the technical, moral, and strategic opportunities that new technologies present to that application. They also learned the practical tools and skills for working on a professional software development team. Watch the teams presentations on their game mod's and see what they discovered in their solutions and game-playing.

BWSI Final Event 2022 Serious Game Development with AI
Join our lead instuctors, Ron and Chris, watching our students final presentations and showing us what they learned!

Team Willy1 - Outbreak Team Willy2 - Rescue