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Copilot in Excel

ChatGPT with Excel

ChatGPT | OpenAI

Using ChatGPT for Excel Dashboards + Macros
AI Tools for Microsoft Excel? How does AI Stack up in terms of creating Excel dashboards, macros, and more? Does this mean the end of Excel tutoring and the beginning of beginner-to-advanced level content generated by AI for everyone? Watch this video and find out as we find answers to these MS Excel questions and more!

This video will show you how to use AI tools, such as ChatGPT by OpenAI, in conjunction with Excel tasks, such as:

– Writing Macros in Excel – Explaining macros and formulas – Creating data sets – Performing research – Analyzing data – Solving problems, and more.

How ChatGPT Can Help With Your Complex Excel Spreadsheets
Can you skyrocket your productivity with ChatGPT? See what happens when I copy & paste YOUR complex Excel questions from YouTube into ChatGPT. Do you think it will give you the right answer? Let's find out what ChatGPT is capable of. Can it properly solve complex Microsoft Excel spreadsheet problems? What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT, the new, viral AI Chatbot by OpenAI is a type of artificial intelligence that can understand and generate natural language text. You’ll learn how to use it for Excel formulas and how to even make it write VBA code for your Excel macros. I'll also show you how to use ChatGPT and how you can modify your questions to get better answers.

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00:00 How to Use ChatGPT with Excel 00:52 Write Excel Formula with ChatGPT 05:06 Data Validation 08:42 Nested IF Formulas with ChatGPT 12:42 Writing VBA Code 17:14 Wrap Up

Can ChatGPT with AI Create An Entire Excel Application? (All The Code & Formulas) Let's Find Out!
Excel For Freelancers

What is ChatGPT? - Full Tutorial || How To Use in OpenAI || Excel or Google Sheets Making || Jobs?
ChatGPT is a Chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. It is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3 family of large language models, and is fine-tuned with both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.

Create The ULTIMATE AI Generator & Library With ChatGPT & Excel + FREE Download
Excel For Freelancers

How To Create Your Own ChatGPT AI Assistant Add-In For Free In Excel [+ FREE Download]
Excel For Freelancers


Module 1: Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel
This video is part of the Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel course available on EdX. To sign up for the course, visit: https://aka.ms/edxexcelbi

Data Analysis With Microsoft Excel Learning Roadmap
David Langer Data analysis with Microsoft Excel is accessible to anyone with the proper learning roadmap. Whether you are business pro looking to use data to have more impact, or an aspiring analytics or data science pro, this following this roadmap will give you serious data skills.

Microsoft Excel: Best practices for spreadsheet modeling data shaping and data - BRK2035
Join us to improve your Excel skills and make your spreadsheets more powerful! We cover formulas, data wrangling in the grid and with Power Query, visualizations, and more.

Use Ideas in Excel to get Immediate answers with ONE Click
Ideas in Excel will provide you with immediate insights about your data. It will help you to quickly create summary reports and high-level visualizations. You can even directly ask it questions about your data using "normal" conversational language. Ideas, is the new artificial intelligence feature built into Excel. It does a really good job in analyzing your data and giving you a summary. Ideas feature is available in Excel for Office 365. Simply click a cell inside your data range, and then click the Ideas button on the Home tab. Ideas in Excel will analyze your data, and return interesting visuals about it in a separate task pane. Save time and narrow down your Ideas by selecting only the fields you want to see. You can also provide feedback about which fields are helpful to you and which are not. This way the system learns and will present fewer, more targeted suggestions in the future. Read the full article here: https://www.xelplus.com/ideas-in-excel

Regression Analysis

Multivariate regression in Microsoft Excel
This video discusses how to undertake a multivariate regression in Microsoft Excel. It also discusses how to calculate predicted values using that regression. The video uses the example of predicting exchange rate changes (here, looking at the USD/AUD exchange rate). It looks at predicting forex changes as a function of interest rate, inflation rate, and GDP growth differentials (i.e., as implied using purchasing power parity and interest rate parity).

Microsoft Excel Walkthrough 4 - Reading Regression Output
This video uses Anderson 11e Chapter 15 #4 to walk through regression output and explain how to interpret it.

<bMultiple Regression in Microsoft Excel
Multiple Regression in Excel in a nutshell. Focusing on Excel functionality more than presentation of regression theory.

Microsoft Excel Regression Analysis Output Explained
Overview of the Excel regression analysis output.

Ch 12: Interpreting Regression Analysis in Microsoft Excel
Business Statistics

Microsoft Excel 2016 Regression Analysis
Using Data Analysis Toolpak Correlation analysis and interpreting the results

Excel - Forecasting

FORECAST.LINEAR & FORECAST.ETS Functions in Microsoft Excel 2016
The FORECAST.ETS predicts a future value based on historical values. It uses the Exponential Triple Smoothing (ETS) algorithm. The FORECAST.LINEAR function makes a prediction using a simple linear regression.

Introduction to Forecasting in Excel
Chandoo Learn how to use the awesome Forecasting feature of Microsoft Excel 2016 / 2019 / 365. We will learn about time series forecasting, seasonal fluctuations and confidence intervals too.

How to do forecasting with Excel 2016
If you need to forecast numbers -- typically for finance -- the Windows and Mac versions of Microsoft Excel 2016 have a basket of tools to get the job done.

Excel - Time Series Forecasting - Part 1 of 3
This is Part 1 of a 3 part "Time Series Forecasting in Excel" video lecture. Be sure to watch Parts 2 and 3 upon completing Part 1.

Forecasting in Microsoft Excel and Trends Functions
You can use this function to predict future sales, cash and inventory, or consumer trends. Calculates, or predicts, a future value by using existing values. Formula syntax and usage of the FORECAST and TREND functions in Microsoft Excel.

How to Use Statistical Functions for Forecasting in Microsoft Excel 2016 - Part 1
During this Microsoft Excel 2016 advanced training tutorial video, we will cover the statistical functions for forecasting. We will show examples using the functions SLOPE and INTERCEPT, FORECAST.LINEAR, and TREND. We will also explain what are independent and dependent variable.

Excel - Clustering

Excel - Text Analytics

Text Analytics with Microsoft Excel | How to create word cloud in Microsoft Excel?
Take the first step in learning to do analytics based on text. Although users would prefer Python for text analytics in AI or ML, Microsoft Excel with its dynamic array feature brings in new functionalities with which you can analyze thousands of large passages. Although Microsoft Excel does not have a word cloud, we can prepare something close to it using the tree map.

Excel 101: Basic Text Analysis and word clouds using pivot tables and other Microsoft Excel tricks
This video shows how to combine individual text cells into one paragraph, parse cells with multiple words in to individual values, as well as create a word cloud using an external website (no affiliation). Please subscribe to our page for more random tidbits of knowledge and reach out to us if you'd really like to kick up your analytics game. https://www.adaptalytics.com

Excel - Clustering

Excel - Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment and Emotion Analysis on Microsoft Excel without Python
Do you want to see how big corporations analyze the conversation happening about them on social media? In this tutorial, learn about social listening, importance of text analysis, sentiment and emotion analysis using an Excel add-in. Basic analysis can be done on Microsoft Excel then why go for Python?

Sentiment Analysis in Microsoft Excel | text2data.com
Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics Add-In for Excel | https://text2data.com Incorporate advanced NLP, Machine Learning services into your daily work tool, no programming required!

Excel - Web Scraping

Microsoft Excel VBA Introduction Part 47.1 - Browsing to Websites and Scraping a Web Page
PLEASE NOTE: x-rates.com now uses https rather than http. Please update the code as necessary. By Andrew Gould Download files here https://www.wiseowl.co.uk - Scraping a web page in VBA involves getting a reference to an HTML document and then processing its elements to extract the useful parts and write them to another location in a readable format. This video shows you how to do that using both Internet Explorer and basic XML HTTP requests. You'll learn a bit about the Document Object Model, as well as how to identify HTML elements by name and by tag type. You'll also see how to loop through various collections of HTML elements and their children using an example involving exchange rate tables.

Web Scraping With VBA | Scraping Data Tables
We’ve seen how to use VBA to scrape different web pages, but one topic we haven’t covered is how to parse HTML tables that exist on those pages correctly. With this video, we will scrape a Star Wars table found on Wikipedia and import it into Excel. If you are new to this topic, please watch the first video in this series as there are specific topics that are required to understand this video in its entirety.

Title: Web Scraping With VBA | Part One Link: https://youtu.be/inXUOu5bwAE

Title: Web Scraping With VBA | Part Three Link: https://youtu.be/jDd1u1Q0xMs

Title: Web Scraping With VBA | Part Two Link: https://youtu.be/7_9gRf4lC0g

Excel - Tips & Tricks

Top 30 Advanced Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks
Learn the top 30 advanced Microsoft Excel features you need to know to go from beginner to advanced Excel user. Table of Contents: 1. Get Data from Folders 2. Text to Columns 3. Remove Duplicate Values 4. AutoFill & Fill Handle 5. Flash Fill 6. Custom Lists 7. Freeze Panes 8. New Window and Arrange 9. Tables 10. Ideas 11. Rich Data Types 12. Fuzzy Matching 13. Data Validation Dropdown List 14. Data Validation Cell Message 15. Create a Named Constant 16. IF Function 17. COUNTIFS Function 18. SUMIFS Function 19. VLOOKUP Function 20. INDEX & MATCH Functions 21. Dynamic Arrays Functions 22. Display Formulas 23. Filters 24. Advanced Filters 25. Tables Slicers 26. PivotTables 27. Pivot Table Slicers & Timelines 28. Show Values As Calculations 29. Data Model Relationships 30. Data Model Advanced DAX Formulas

50 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks for 2020
The ultimate compilation of Microsoft Excel tips and tricks to enhance your productivity using Microsoft Excel. Updated for 2020! I've combined long-established tips and tricks with new ones Microsoft added in 2019 and 2020. You'll find solutions to the most common challenges you face in Microsoft Excel. Support me with your Amazon purchases, click here: https://amzn.to/2Kxp533 Contents 1. Move Data 2. XLOOKUP() 3. Filter List 4. Ideas 5. Remove Blanks 6. Quick Analysis Tool 7. AutoFit Column Width 8. Absolute Cell Reference 9. Paste Special Values 10. Drop-Down List 11. FILTER() 12. Remove Duplicates 13. Difference Between Lists 14. Flash Fill 15. AutoFill 16. Data Types 17. Transpose 18. Freeze Panes 19. Text to Columns 20. Recommended Pivot table 21. Slicers 22. Conditional Formatting 23. IF() 24. 3D References 25. Forecast Sheet 26. SUMIFS() 27. IFERROR() 28. Ctrl-Arrow Keys 29. Filled Maps 30. PMT() 31. Show Formulas 32. Advanced Select 33. Named Range Shortcut 34. Hide Cells 35. COUNTBLANK() 36. Natural Language Query 37. Goal Seek 38. Insert Screenshot 39. Power Pivot 40. 3D Maps 41. ISBLANK() 42. Analysis ToolPak 43. CONVERT() 44. Get Data from Web 45. People Graph 46. SORT() 47. Status Bar Info 48. Insert Multiple Rows 49. CHOOSE() 50. UNIQUE()

Excel - AI-related

  • Microsoft Excel has a data mining add-in for making clusters. You can find instructions here. The wizard works with Excel tables, ranges or Analysis Survey Queries. This add-in can be customized, unlike the Detect Categories tool. In addition, the Detect Categories tool is limited to data from tables. Clustering in Excel | Statistics How To

[Demo] Machine Learning in Excel with xlmachine Excel Add-In
xlmachine is the world's first Excel Add-In for Automated Machine Learning (AutoML). If you are interested, please sign up for a free trial at our website: https://xlmachine.app In this video, our team showcases a preview of xlmachine using the classic Iris dataset. We also explain some fundamental concepts of what Machine Learning is about. Here are the contents in this video: Introduction, Product Overview: How it works, Dataset: Iris Flowers Dataset Introduction, Demo: Training the Model, Showcase: Model Accuracy Graph, Showcase: Model Training Completed, Demo: Prediction Using the Model, Showcase: Prediction Accuracy, Conclusion, thank you very much for watching. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for the product. We would be happy to hear from you!

Machine learning algorithms explained in Excel
Paula Guilfoyle Simple Explanation of Machine Learning shown with Excel – Part 1 The world is full with a lot of data, pictures, music, text, video, spreadsheets. Machine learning brings the promise of delivering meaning from that data. (although Excel is not normally used as a tool for ML, in this article we will explain machine learning with Excel) Human’s learn from experience. if we touch something hot, that burning sense is stored in memory and we quickly learn not to touch it again. Machine learning is like human learning as it learns from the past. We feed a computer data, which represents some past experience, and then with the use of different statistical methods, we can make predictions.

Excel - Analyze Data with AI Tools Out of the Box!
Excel has tools to use AI to analyze your data included. One of the products best kept secrets and so easy to use. Check it out!

I programmed an AI in Microsoft Excel !
Can I put 'can use excel' in my resume now? Github Repo: https://github.com/aaronbalzac/Excel-AI

Neural network in Excel
This video is about how easy it is to make a real neural network in MS Excel.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Automate Commentary in Excel
There are different types of AI, which are fit for different purposes (see earlier posts). Here is a video that demonstrates how Natural Language Generation can be used to automatically generate a clear and concise narrative from Excel data. We then directly use that commentary as an email response. The demo is purposely plain (no flashy colors and it is operational in nature) because we want to show how this tool can be used in an everyday, impromptu situation. An email that could have taken an hour (look at data, make a graph, calculate count and %, etc.) is done in 5 minutes. What is most interesting is that the AI modelled out the email response. We didn't have to think about what to say. (contact: paul_lashmet@ncintegration.com)

Excel - Fun

How to insert Dinosaur 3D model in MS Excel Office 365
This video shows you how to insert Dinosaur 3D model in MS Excel Office 365.

Stand-up comedy routine about Spreadsheets
Matt Parker’s comedy routine about spreadsheets. From the Festival of the Spoken Nerd DVD: Full Frontal Nerdity Buy Full Frontal Nerdity as a DVD or Download: https://shop.festivalofthespokennerd.com/ See where Festival of the Spoken Nerd are performing live Convert your own image spreadsheet! https://think-maths.co.uk/spreadsheet Buy Matt’s book! https://makeanddo4d.com/ Think Maths: mathematics talks, workshops and free resources https://think-maths.co.uk/ MATT PARKER: Stand-up Mathematician Website: https://standupmaths.com/ Music by Howard Carter Design by Simon Wright Programming by Andrew Taylor Caption authors (English) Faiz Saleem Ace Edmonds

Excel World Cup

The Microsoft Excel World Championship is an online esports tournament based on Microsoft Excel. The tournament is open to any participant regardless of age, gender, race, place of living, or any other limiting factor. The 128 participants who will take part in the Play-Off Rounds of the tournament will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • 45 places to the winners of the monthly Excel Esports Battles that will take place in January – September 2023.
  • 16 places to the highest-ranked participants of the Financial Modeling World Cup based on the overall rankings after the September stage (excluding 2 (two) worst stage results for each participant).
  • Round hosts will be focusing on several other criteria, such as the quality of the submitted solutions, the time of submission, and the number of tasks completed.

The Excel Esports Season is a series of 9 battles leading up to the main event: Microsoft Excel World Championship Finals at the end of the year. Participants can earn monthly prizes while competing for the grand prize in the finals. The Excel Esports Season is open to anyone who wants to participate and show off their Excel skills The Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC) is an organization that hosts various Microsoft Excel-based competitions, including the Microsoft Excel World Championship. The FMWC held its first competition in September 2020 and currently hosts three competitions. The Financial Modeling World Cup is an annual Excel modeling competition. The Microsoft Excel World Championship began in 2021 as the FMWC Open, an Excel Esports tournament. The competition was a standalone event that did not impact the Financial Modeling World Cup Rankings in regular seasons. The tournament consisted of a Qualification Round, with the top 128 qualifiers advancing to a single elimination tournament.