Cybersecurity: Evaluating & Selling

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Security vendors are inundating CISOs with products purporting to use machine intelligence, much of this messaging is confusing, even misleading. How to determine fact from fiction?

  • Outcomes evaluation, not processing
  • Product currently being used, or has been validated in a proof of concept (POC) trial
  • Interaction with human intelligence

Evaluating AI- and ML-Based Security Products
Anup Ghosh, Founder and CEO, Invincea Liam Randall, President, Critical Stack, A Division of Capital One Chad Skipper, VP Competitive Intelligence and Product Testing, Cylance Mike Spanbauer, Vice President of Research and Strategy, NSS Labs With endless AI or machine learning product claims, buyers are left bewildered with how to test these claims. It falls to independent third-party test organizations to develop and update traditional test protocols to test and validate AI and ML product capability claims. This panel will tackle the key issues that third-party testing must address to validate AI and ML security products.

How to Sell Your Cybersecurity Product to Large Companies
This seminar will teach cybersecurity growth stage companies how to best pitch their cyber products and services to larger companies. The sales cycle of large companies requires persistence that understands the team approach many companies take to purchasing cyber products and services. Topics will include refining your sales deck, understanding customer's needs, the decision-making process and finalizing a contract.

Top 10 Resources for Evaluating Identity Management Tools
By ranking the top features, trends, or issues facing enterprise technology categories, these visual lists will help your business make smart decisions about your next solution. Identity management is a fundamental part of organizational information security, yet too many businesses still rely on username and password combinations, the simplest, oldest form of authentication, to do the job. But times are changing, and as traditional methods prove dangerously insecure many organizations are looking to modernize their Identity and access management (IAM) solutions and practices. In order to do that, IT workers, CIOs, and CISOs need to conduct extensive research to correctly plan, assess, and deploy the right solution for their organization.

How to Sell Security Solutions and MSSP Services
David Stelzl, CISSP - explains how to sell larger security projects and managed services contacts using a simple strategy from his book, The House & The Cloud