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2001 A Space Odyssey

Follows a voyage by astronauts, scientists and the sentient supercomputer HAL to Jupiter to investigate an alien monolith. Inspired by Arthur C. Clarke's 1951 short story | "The Sentinel" and other short stories by Clarke. Wikipedia

AI 1.0

Aman, an app developer broke up with his wife Heena. To fill his empty life he met with an AI friend JESSICA. She helps him to understand the value of love by a series of criminal events, and finally to get his wife back.

AI Love You

A 2022 Thai romantic comedy is set in a world where AI controls most buildings. One such AI named Dob that controls a corporate tower where a woman named Lana (Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul) works, falls in love with her after a software glitch. The AI then hijacks the body of a man, Bobby (Mario Maurer) and tries to win Lana's affections. Dob is a very intelligent AI, but he is also very naive. He doesn't understand human emotions, and he doesn't know how to express his love for Lana.

Cyber Bride

2019. Cyber Bride - After his wife tragically dies, a desperate widowed husband finds a service online that can bring her back - But not all is as it seems.

Electric Dreams

The 1984 film is set in San Francisco and depicts a love triangle among a man, a woman, and a personal computer. Wikipedia

From Agnes—With Love

The Twilight Zone episode 140. A comedic episode, it relates the mishaps faced by a meek computer programmer when the world's most advanced computer falls in love with him. Wikipedia


Her (stylized in lowercase) is a 2013 American science-fiction romantic drama film written, directed, and co-produced by Spike Jonze. It marks Jonze's solo screenwriting debut. The film follows Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), a man who develops a relationship with Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), an artificially intelligent virtual assistant personified through a female voice. The film also stars Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde, and Chris Pratt. Wikipedia


Explores the themes of artificial intelligence, consciousness, and the blurred lines between humans and machines. The show is set in a parallel present-day where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a "Synth" – a highly developed humanoid robot that's eerily similar to a real human being. Overall, "Humans" is a thought-provoking and suspenseful series that raises questions about the nature of consciousness, the ethics of creating artificial life, and the impact of technology on society.

The series focuses on the social, cultural, and psychological impact of the invention of anthropomorphic robots called "synths". Wikipedia


The plot follows a self-aware smartphone that becomes emotionally attached to its socially awkward owner. Wikipedia


M3GAN is a 2022 American science fiction horror film directed by Gerard Johnstone and written by Akela Cooper. The movie tells the story of a young girl named Cady who loses both of her parents in a horrible accident and is adopted by her aunt Gemma, a roboticist at a high-tech toy company. Gemma develops M3GAN, a child-sized humanoid robot doll powered by artificial intelligence, designed to be the ultimate companion Wikipedia

My Holo Love

A young woman named So-yeon who accidentally finds a pair of hologram glasses that allow her to see a handsome young man named Holo. Because of her face blindness disorder, Han So-yeon decided to live a reclusive life. This changes when she starts using the AI program Holo whose appearance is the same as the developer, Go Nan-do. The latter slowly falls in love with So-yeon but his cold personality, which contrasts with Holo's, isn't in his favor.

Romance Movie 2020 | My Girlfriend is a Robot

Synopsis: a love story between Yang Dong and his robot girfriend Dou Dou.

Neural Implant

Arkangel (Black Mirror)

the single mother enrolls her daughter Sara in a trial of Arkangel, an implanted technology which allows Marie to track Sara's location, current vision and hearing, and automatically censors distressing material. Wikipedia

Deadly Friend

A boy genius implants the chip from his recently destroyed robot friend BB into his brain-dead BFF after her abusive stepfather pushes her down the stairs. It’s uplifting stuff. But after implanting the chip, BB starts to take over her body, a new flesh suit for the artificial intelligence to wear.


Sarah, a struggling young woman, becomes a test subject for an experimental medical AI implant. When the implant turns sinister and takes control of her body, Sarah fights to survive with only one choice: to live or die.


Set in the near-future, technology controls nearly all aspects of life. The film follows a technophobe who is implanted with a chip that allows him to control his body after a mugging left him paralyzed. Grey's only hope for revenge is an experimental computer chip implant called Stem. Wikipedia

Other Topics

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a 2001 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie is set in a futuristic post-climate change society and tells the story of David (Haley Joel Osment), a childlike android uniquely programmed with the ability to love. David is given to Henry Swinton and his wife Monica, whose son Martin contracted a rare disease and has been placed in suspended animation. Monica initially feels uneasy with David, but eventually warms to him and activates his imprinting protocol, causing him to have an enduring, childlike love for her Wikipedia


Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror classic Alien, Ash is the pinnacle of the terrors of artificial intelligence. He’s the first of many examples on this list of AI given a fully human form as he blends in with the rest of Nostromo’s crew. His abilities aren’t apparent until pointed out and he’s supposed to be there as purely crew support. But, as the film progresses and the ship ends up engaging in a rescue mission, Ash’s directives come to light. Even in 1979, Scott showed us the incredible possibilities of artificial intelligence, as well as imbuing us with a sense of mistrust of the emerging technology.

Alita: Battle Angel

A 2019 American cyberpunk action film based on Yukito Kishiro’s manga series Gunnm (or Battle Angel Alita in English). The movie follows Alita, a cyborg who awakens in a new body without memory of her past and sets out to uncover her destiny Wikipedia

The Artifice Girl

A team of special agents discovers a revolutionary new computer program to bait and trap online predators. After teaming up with the program’s troubled developer, they soon find that the AI is rapidly advancing beyond its original purpose.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a 1982 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott. The movie is set in a dystopian future Los Angeles of 2019, in which synthetic humans known as replicants are bio-engineered by the powerful Tyrell Corporation to work on space colonies. When a fugitive group of advanced replicants led by Roy Batty escapes back to Earth, burnt-out cop Rick Deckard reluctantly agrees to hunt them down Wikipedia

Blade Runner 2049

Ba sequel to Blade Runner, a new blade runner who unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos. His discovery leads him on a quest to find a former blade runner who's been missing for 30 years.


Chappie is a 2015 American dystopian science fiction action film directed by Neill Blomkamp and written by Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell. The film is set and shot in Johannesburg and is about an artificial general intelligence law enforcement robot captured and taught by gangsters, who nickname it Chappie Wikipedia

Colossus: The Forbin Project

The story revolves around Dr. Charles A. Forbin, the chief designer of a secret project called "Colossus," an advanced supercomputer built to control the United States and Allied nuclear weapon systems. The film explores the consequences of creating a powerful artificial intelligence that gains control over the world's nuclear weapons. It raises questions about the potential dangers and ethical implications of advanced technology

Demon Seed

Concerns a powerful piece of AI named Proteus IV developed by Dr. Alex Harris (Fritz Weaver). Proteus IV quickly wants to leave its “glass box” and when it’s denied that, it sets his sights on Harris’ wife Susan (Julie Christie). It wants to forcibly impregnate her to create a living computer.

Ender’s Game

Ender's Game is a 2013 American military science-fiction action film based on Orson Scott Card's 1985 novel of the same name. Written and directed by Gavin Hood, the film stars Asa Butterfield as Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, an unusually gifted child who is sent to an advanced military academy in space to prepare for a future alien invasion Wikipedia

Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a 2014 science fiction film written and directed by Alex Garland. The movie tells the story of a computer coder, Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), who wins the chance to spend a week at the house in the mountains belonging to Nathan (Oscar Isaac), the CEO of the company he works for. Nathan introduces Caleb to his experiment, a fully humanoid artificial intelligence called ‘Ava’ (Alicia Vikander). Nathan wants Caleb to spend the next week performing a live ‘Turing Test’ on Ava Wikipedia

I Am Mother

The film follows Daughter, a girl in a post-apocalyptic bunker, being raised by Mother, a robot aiding the repopulation of Earth. After an extinction event, an automated bunker that is designed to repopulate humanity activates. A robot named Mother grows a human embryo and cares for her over several years. Mother teaches Daughter complex moral and ethical lessons. Mother forbids any contact with the world outside the bunker, telling Daughter that it is contaminated, but Daughter remains curious.

I, Robot

I, Robot is a 2004 science fiction action film directed by Alex Proyas. The movie is set in Chicago circa 2035 where robots are common assistants and workers for their human owners. The story follows a technophobic cop named Del Spooner (played by Will Smith) who investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity Wikipedia

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is a 2014 American historical drama film directed by Morten Tyldum and written by Graham Moore. It is based on the real-life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing, who decrypted German intelligence messages for the British government during World War II. The film portrays the nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers at Britain’s top-secret Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park Wikipedia


Interstellar is about Earth’s last chance to find a habitable planet before a lack of resources causes the human race to go extinct. Set in a dystopian future where humanity is struggling to survive, the film follows a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole near Saturn in search of a new home for mankind. The film also features two robots, CASE and TARS, as well as a dismantled third robot, KIPP. Wikipedia

Joan Is Awful

The episode follows a tech executive named Joan who discovers that her life is being adapted into a series by a streaming corporation called Streamberry, starring Salma Hayek as Joan. The series is produced entirely by a quantum computer that gathers data from Joan’s personal devices and uses artificial intelligence to create a dramatized version of her life. Joan tries to stop the show, but finds out that she has no legal rights over her identity or likeness, which she unknowingly consented to Streamberry when she signed their terms and conditions.

Joan Is Awful | Black Mirror

The Last Starfighter

In this 1984 film, high schooler Alex Rogan conquers the Starfighter video game, only to find out it was just a test. He is then transported to another planet where he has been recruited to join a team of the best starfighters to defend their world from attack Wikipedia

The Matrix

The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction action film written and directed by the Wachowskis. The movie is set in a dystopian future where artificially intelligent machines have overpowered their human creators. The story follows a computer programmer named Thomas Anderson (played by Keanu Reeves), who goes by the hacker alias “Neo”. Neo has always questioned his reality, but the truth is far beyond his imagination. Neo finds himself targeted by the police when he is contacted by Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), a legendary computer hacker branded a terrorist by the government. As a rebel against the machines, Neo must confront the agents: super-powerful computer programs devoted to stopping Neo and the entire human rebellion Wikipedia

Minority Report

Minority Report is a 2002 American science fiction action film directed by Steven Spielberg and loosely based on the 1956 novella “The Minority Report” by Philip K. Dick. The film is set in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia in the year 2054, where Precrime, a specialized police department, apprehends criminals by use of foreknowledge provided by three psychics called “precogs”. The cast stars Tom Cruise as Precrime Chief John Anderton Wikipedia


Shows the amazing power of predictive analytics and its capabilities in the real world. In this film, data analytics and the “Moneyball theory” was used to pick the best team of undervalued players under a minimal budget. Through the power of data mining on players, as well as two significant data points (slugging percentage and on-base percentage), a champion baseball team was formed. This film shows the importance of data in decision making and choosing the right statistics in predictive modeling. But more importantly, is the courage to make decisions based on analytics, and believing in the data to make a change. [ Top 20 Must-Watch Artificial Intelligence movies | Benedict Neo - Towards Data Science


Moon is a 2009 science fiction drama film directed by Duncan Jones (in his directorial debut) and written by Nathan Parker from a story by Jones. The film follows Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), a man who experiences a personal crisis as he nears the end of a three-year solitary stint mining helium-3 on the far side of the Moon Wikipedia


a 2016 science fiction thriller film directed by Luke Scott in his directorial debut and written by Seth Owen. The movie tells the story of a bioengineered child named Morgan who began walking and talking after one month of existence. When Morgan attacks one of her handlers, a corporate troubleshooter visits the remote, top-secret facility where she’s kept to assess the risks of keeping her alive Wikipedia


2019 science fiction drama about four brilliant university students are forced to confront themselves in terrifying ways when their Quantum Physics experiment leads to an entangled parallel existence that leaves them questioning who they are and what is real.


Prometheus is a 2012 science fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott. Set in the late 21st century, the film centers on the crew of the spaceship Prometheus as it follows a star map discovered among the artifacts of several ancient Earth cultures. Seeking the origins of humanity, the crew arrives on a distant world and discovers a threat that could cause the extinction of the human species Wikipedia


RoboCop is a 1987 American science fiction action film directed by Paul Verhoeven. Set in a crime-ridden Detroit, in the near future, RoboCop centers on police officer Alex Murphy (played by Peter Weller) who is murdered by a gang of criminals and subsequently revived by the megacorporation Omni Consumer Products as the cyborg law enforcer RoboCop. Unaware of his former life, RoboCop executes a brutal campaign against crime while coming to terms with the lingering fragments of his humanity Wikipedia


In 2020, robotics company C.E.O. Elias VanDorne reveals Kronos, the supercomputer he has invented to end all wars. Kronos decides that mankind is responsible for all wars and it tries to use robots to kill all humans. Wikipedia


Julia is a young woman who steals at seedy nightclubs. She is abducted from her home and awakens in a jail cell with a glowing implant in the back of her neck. Two other subjects are with her. After multiple sessions of psychological torture by a man named Alex, she destroys the cell and adjacent lab in an escape attempt. The two other subjects are killed by a robot, Aries, run by an artificial intelligence (AI) named Tau. Wikipedia

The Terminator

The Terminator is a 1984 science fiction action film directed by James Cameron. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, a cyborg assassin sent back in time from 2029 to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton), whose unborn son will one day save mankind from extinction by Skynet, a hostile artificial intelligence in a post-apocalyptic future. Skynet is created by Cyberdyne Systems for the U.S. Department of Defense. The AI becomes self-aware and views humanity as a threat Kyle Reese (played by Michael Biehn) is a soldier sent back in time to protect Sarah Wikipedia

The Tower

The Tower is a 1985 Canadian movie about a computer named Lola which kills people Futurist Transhuman News Blog


Transcendence is a 2014 American science fiction thriller film directed by Wally Pfister (in his directorial debut) and written by Jack Paglen. The film stars Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster, a scientist who researches the nature of sapience, including artificial intelligence. He and his team work to create a sentient computer; he predicts that such a computer will create a technological singularity, or in his words “Transcendence”. His wife, Evelyn, is also a scientist and helps him with his work Wikipedia


Sci-fi comedy. In the near future, people who are near death can be “uploaded” into virtual reality environments. Cash-strapped Nora works customer service for the luxurious “Lakeview” digital afterlife. When party-boy/coder Nathan’s car crashes, his girlfriend uploads him into Nora’s VR world.


Set in a future where Earth is a polluted wasteland and all humans have evacuated to a giant spaceship, leaving behind a small waste-collecting robot named WALL-E. WALL-E's life is changed when he meets a sleek probe named EVE, sent to Earth on a mission to determine if the planet is inhabitable again. WALL-E and EVE embark on an adventure that will ultimately decide the fate of humanity.


A 1983 American science fiction techno-thriller film written by Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parkes and directed by John Badham. The film, which a young hacker who unwittingly accesses a United States military supercomputer programmed to simulate, predict and execute nuclear war against the Soviet Union. Wikipedia


Westworld is a 1973 American science fiction Western film written and directed by Michael Crichton. The film follows adult guests visiting an interactive amusement park containing lifelike androids that unexpectedly begin to malfunction. Wikipedia

Westworld investigates the idea of consciousness through artificial intelligence and their psychological development of self-awareness and the unknowable phenomena of consciousness. - Westworld: A Lesson in Philosophy | Megan K - Medium

Collection of Videos and Movies

Robot World 2098 Best Fantasy SCi fi Movies

The Best Artificial Intelligence Movies (Trailers)


DUST is a sci-fi brand that presents thought-provoking visions of the future by searching for the best sci-fi stories from filmmakers, writers and creators around the world. From feature films to short films, series and podcasts, DUST works with established and emerging voices.


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Futurists are people whose specialty or interest is futurology or the attempt to systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future and how they can emerge from the present, whether that of human society in particular or of life on Earth in general. Wikipedia

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind | Julian Jaynes

At the heart of this classic, seminal book is Julian Jaynes's still-controversial thesis that human consciousness did not begin far back in animal evolution but instead is a learned process that came about only three thousand years ago and is still developing. The implications of this revolutionary scientific paradigm extend into virtually every aspect of our psychology, our history and culture, our religion -- and indeed our future. Wikipedia

Julian Jaynes - Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind
Professor Julian Jaynes's lecture "Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind," presented at Tufts University. For more information on Jaynes's groundbreaking theory, or to download the entire lecture, please visit the Julian Jaynes Society:

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
Consciousness generally

Snow Crash | Neal Stephenson

'Metaverse' was coined in Snow Crash, where humans, as avatars, interact with each other and software agents, in a three-dimensional space that uses the metaphor of the real world

Snow Crash is a science fiction novel by American writer Neal Stephenson, published in 1992. Like many of Stephenson's other novels, it covers history, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, religion, computer science, politics, cryptography, memetics and philosophy. Stephenson explained the title of the novel in his 1999 essay "In the Beginning... Was the Command Line" as his term for a particular software failure mode on the early Apple Macintosh computer. Stephenson wrote about the Macintosh that "When the computer crashed and wrote gibberish into the bitmap, the result was something that looked vaguely like static on a broken television set—a 'snow crash' ". Wikipedia

> Neal Stephenson, author, "Snow Crash," "Seveneves"
This week's guest on "Report from Santa Fe" is author Neal Stephenson discussing his award-winning books "Snow Crash," "The Diamond Age," "Anathem," and most recent books "Seveneves," and "The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O." Stephenson is a writer of "speculative fiction" whose novels have been categorized as science fiction/historical fiction and who has received Hugo, Locus, and Prometheus Awards.

Snow Crash 1 2 5
Reading of "Snow Crash", a book written by Neal Stephenson.

Neuromancer | William Gibson

Neuromancer is a 1984 science fiction novel by American-Canadian writer William Gibson. Set in the future, the novel follows Henry Case, a washed-up computer hacker who is hired for one last job, which brings him up against a powerful artificial intelligence. Wikipedia

William Gibson: Technology, Science Fiction & the Apocalypse
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his landmark novel "Neuromancer," CHF favorite William Gibson returns to the Festival. This autumn he’ll celebrate the publication of his latest work, "The Peripheral," a high-tech thriller set partly in a decadent postapocalyptic future. Gibson is joined in conversation by author Carol Anshaw. This program was recorded on November 6, 2014 as part of the 25th Anniversary Chicago Humanities Festival

Neuromancer William Gibson Audiobook
Neuromancer, as read by Gibson himself.

You can listen to a version from this site: The audio quality on this is rather poor, a fairly low bitrate and sample rate in addition to being from old cassette tapes, but it is a hard recording to track down. Despite this it is still my favorite narration.

Image is the book cover from the Phantasia Press release, illustration by Barclay Shaw.

Ready Player One | Ernest Cline

A teen searches for a hidden treasure in an expansive virtual reality universe in 2045.

Ready Player One (2018)
In 2045 the planet is on the brink of chaos and collapse, but people find salvation in the OASIS: an expansive virtual reality universe created by eccentric James Halliday. When Halliday dies, he promises his immense fortune to the first person to discover a digital Easter egg that's hidden somewhere in the OASIS. When young Wade Watts joins the contest, he finds himself becoming an unlikely hero in a reality-bending treasure hunt through a fantastical world of mystery, discovery and danger.