(Tree) Recursive Neural (Tensor) Network (RNTN)

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Certain patterns are innately hierarchical, like the underlying parse tree of a natural language sentence. A Recursive Neural Tensor Network (RNTN) is a powerful tool for deciphering and labelling these types of patterns. Structurally, an RNTN is a binary tree with three nodes: a root and two leaves. The root and leaf nodes are not neurons, but instead they are groups of neurons – the more complicated the input data the more neurons are required. As expected, the root group connects to each leaf group, but the leaf groups do not share a connection with each other. Despite the simple structure of the net, an RNTN is capable of extracting deep, complex patterns out of a set of data. An RNTN detects patterns through a recursive process. In a sentence-parsing application where the objective is to identify the grammatical elements in a sentence (like a noun phrase or a verb phrase, for example), the first and second words are initially converted into an ordered set of numbers known as a vector.