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Conceptually, federated learning proposes a mechanism to train a high quality centralized model while training data remains distributed over a large number of clients each with unreliable and relatively slow network connections. OpenMined can be considered an implementation of a federated learning architecture which powers decentralization using blockchain smart contracts...OpenMined Powers Federated AI Using the Blockchain | Jesus Rodriguez - Towards Data Science

Specifically, the OpenMined architecture is based on four fundamental building blocks:

  1. Capsule — A PGP server to generate public and private keys in order to guarantee the integrity of the different components of a Sonar neural network.
  2. Sonar — The heart of the OpenMined platform, Sonar is a federated learning server running on the blockchain that control the execution of the different parts of a deep learning appliucation. This library communicates with the Capsule to generate PGP keys and deliver the final, trained results back to the Data Scientist. It also communicates with miners, collecting Gradients and distributing Bounty accordingly.
  3. Mine — This component hosts the individual data repositories for specific users. Mines regularly interact with Sonar to detect new neural nets to contribute to. The more data that is uploaded to a mine, the more relevant it becomes to Sonar.
  4. Syft — The library containing Neural Networks that can be trained in an encrypted state (so that Miners can’t steal the neural networks that they download to train).

OpenMined a platform that merges cryptographic techniques such as Homomorphic Encryption and multi-party computation and Blockchain technology to create the ability to train Machine Learning (ML) models with private user data. OpenMined allows AI companies to develop models, have them trained on user data without compromising user privacy, and incentivize users to train their model. OpenMined is a community focused on building technology for decentralized ownership of data and AI. Data scientists can pay users directly for their data and train AI models in a decentralized way.

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