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IBM, like pretty much every tech giant these days, is betting big on AI. At its annual Think conference, the company announced IBM Watsonx, a new platform that delivers tools to build AI models and provide access to pretrained models for generating computer code, text and more. It’s a bit of a slap in the face to IBM’s back-office managers, who just recently were told that the company will pause hiring for roles it thinks could be replaced by AI in the coming years. Watsonx solves this, IBM asserts, by giving customers access to the toolset, infrastructure and consulting resources they need to create their own AI models or fine-tune and adapt available AI models on their own data. Using, which IBM describes in fluffy marketing language as an “enterprise studio for AI builders,” users can also validate and deploy models as well as monitor models post-deployment, ostensibly consolidating their various workflows. IBM intros a slew of new AI services, including generative models | Kyle Wiggers - TechCrunch