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Mass Communication


2018 Developments | Emil Copeland, Store Manager at Nike:

  1. A team of scientists led by Myung-Jai Lee from the Intelligent Devices and Systems Research Group in DGIST has developed an artificial synaptic device simulating the function of nerve cells (neurons) and synapses responsible for memory in the human brain.
  2. Pentagon has invested $ 2 billion in the development of military AI.
  3. Artificial intelligence doubled the number of successful organ transplants.
  4. The portrait that the AI wrote is auctioned by Christie's.
  5. Chat bot Microsoft learned to write poetry.
  6. Artificial intelligence has learned to create medicines from scratch.
  7. Artificial intelligence defines birds by their singing.
  8. The Swiss bank "cloned" its chief economist.
  9. Artificial Intelligence will deal with the approval of screenplays.
  10. AI-copywriter started working in China.
  11. Flying robot with artificial intelligence successfully went to the ISS.
  12. AdHive created first working mobile neural network.