Accord.Net Framework

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an extension of a previous project in the same vein, Accord includes a set of libraries for processing audio signals and image streams (such as videos). Its algorithms for vision processing can be used for tasks such as face detection, for stitching together images, or for tracking moving objects. a .NET machine learning framework combined with audio and image processing libraries completely written in C#. It is a complete framework for building production-grade computer vision, computer audition, signal processing and statistics applications even for commercial use. A comprehensive set of sample applications provide a fast start to get up and running quickly, and an extensive documentation and wiki helps fill in the details.

Classification. Support Vector Machines , Logistic Regression , Decision Trees , Neural Networks , Deep Learning (Deep Neural Networks) , Levenberg-Marquardt with Bayesian Regularization , Restricted Boltzmann Machines , Sequence classification , Hidden Markov Classifiers and Hidden Conditional Random Fields .

Regression. Multiple linear regression , Multivariate linear regression , polynomial regression , logarithmic regression. Logistic regression , multinomial logistic regression (softmax) and generalized linear models . L2-regularized L2-loss logistic regression , L2-regularized logistic regression , L1-regularized logistic regression , L2-regularized logistic regression in the dual form and regression support vector machines .