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Discontinued --- Amazon Will No Longer Sell Physical Dash Buttons | Lisa Lacy


A programmable button IoT 1-Click devoce based on the Amazon Dash Button hardware. You can code the button's logic in the cloud to configure button clicks to count or track items, call or alert someone, start or stop something, order services, or even provide feedback. Using Wi-Fi and Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT); a lightweight messaging protocol for small sensors and mobile devices, optimized for high-latency or unreliable networks.

For example, you can click the button to unlock or start a car, open your garage door, call a cab, call your spouse or a customer service representative, track the use of common household chores, medications or products, or remotely control your home appliances. The button can be used as a remote control for Netflix, a switch for your Philips Hue light bulb, a check-in/check-out device for Airbnb guests, or a way to order your favorite pizza for delivery. You can integrate it with third-party APIs like Twitter, Facebook, Twilio, Slack or even your own company's applications.

Just got my AWS IoT Button!

The fastest way to start using your AWS IoT Button is to download the mobile app for iOS at App Store or Android at Google Play Store. The mobile app creates the required AWS IoT resources for you, and adds an event source to your button that uses a Lambda blueprint to invoke a new AWS Lambda function of your choice. Blueprints are preconfigured Lambda functions that allow you to quickly connect the click of a button to the functions that fit you best, such as sending automated emails or text messages or deploying other AWS services.

If you are unable to use the mobile apps, follow these Getting Started instructions:

AWS IoT Button Applications